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SHIMIAODAO bridge rice noodles let you feel the customs of yunnan

October 15,2019

        Traveling to yunnan is a popular thing. However, it is worth mentioning that if you want to experience the scenery of yunnan as soon as possible, you can go to SHIMIAODAO to have a look, not only to see the rich ethnic customs, but also to experience yunnan cuisine.

SHIMIAODAO bridge rice noodles
        Enter SHIMIAODAO store, what see above all is the mural of miao nationality flavour and introduction. It not only tells about the generation process of rice noodles crossing the bridge in yunnan, but also has enough beautiful murals to take you into the scenery of yunnan in an instant.
        Table and chair are also bamboo style, let a person think of the stilted building of yunnan area, of course, the wall above more shop board, appear more clean and simple.
rice noodles
        A coir raincoat is furnished on the surface of wooden board wall, give a person the feeling of a kind of ancient wind. This simple taste, I think everyone especially like. The skirt embroider full of miao ethnic style is really beautiful, this is only the clothing of the waiter! Full of miao style clothing. Have a drink and lean on the embroidered pillow. Chat together, very comfortable! Great for a date too!
SHIMIAODAO bridge rice noodles let you feel the customs of yunnan
        The price of rice noodles is not expensive, 20 to 30 or so, with preferential discount, it is conscience! Such an affordable store, so that you feel the quality of service experience!
        To a bowl of bridge rice noodles, steaming hot, eat up especially cool! Rice noodles sour, soft and smooth, there are many side dishes, absolutely tube full!

        I like SHIMIAODAO very much, because it is very special, in a city can feel the thick yunnan amorous feelings, this is not all at once can do! SHIMIAODAO yunnan bridge rice noodles, every detail revealed the intention!

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