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Must see! SHIMIAODAO before opening these steps to do

October 22,2019

Rice noodle shop in the current market is very popular, a good operation of a rice noodle shop, a lot of people less than a year can return. Therefore, join the chain of bridge rice noodles more and more people, but how to successfully open a profitable bridge rice noodles shop? SHIMIAODAO yunnan bridge rice noodle as a well-known brand recognized by consumers, SHIMIAODAO bridge rice noodle headquarters of the professional shop staff summed up some shop must know the experience, let investors less detour!

Must see! SHIMIAODAO before opening these steps to do
The project plan
First of all, to find the right to join the brand and products, understand the advantages of the product, such as high cost performance, join the brand authentic and so on. Outstanding personality, solid foundation, it is possible to form in the market competition "a branch alone". This plan before entering a store is very important, especially to join the brand can give franchisee policy, suggested that the franchisee before joining with the brand operation center to communicate.
How to choose the location of rice noodle shop
Cross bridge rice noodle shop as a catering snack bar, the flow of diners is very important, people with business minds will be opened in the golden section of flourishing flow of people. Therefore, each franchisee must integrate their initial positioning into the intended site selection, and make full and detailed site selection investigation and analysis of advantages and disadvantages for the target customer source positioning. SHIMIAODAO bridge rice noodles to join the headquarters will give franchisees a detailed set up shop site planning reference, solve the worries of the franchisee. The proposal consults when joining clear, if do not offer these Suggestions to you, do not want credulous commonly.
How to judge the taste
Across the bridge rice noodle is not snacks, there is no clear packing, could not immediately able to eat out of taste, so every members don't be afraid of a waste of time instead of home visits, communication is, after all, small businesses, in the province must save, but don't covet not province province, it will only bring you the follow-up operations. SHIMIAODAO bridge rice noodles inherit the traditional production technology, and the headquarters of professional r & d personnel jointly research and development, the bridge rice noodles production process standardization, with "fresh, fragrant, Q" three flavor advantages to conquer consumers!
Do financial analysis well
Do a good job of cost analysis, estimate the break-even point, predict the return period of investment, generally speaking, the investment budget is the pre-estimated store at all levels, the specific amount of the shop area, equipment, decoration consumables price difference and other specific factors and demand selection. Do a good job before and after the opening of every detail of the cost budget and expenditure, this will let you reduce a lot of unnecessary waste.

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